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The Hypocritical Religious Bigotry of Will Williams?

An investigative research project by NARRG Team Members and Supporters

PART 1: Will Williams recent Posted Internet Claims on Cosmotheism from post 2012 till present
divideBoth Will Williams and Kevin Strom lately seem to be bent on a path of religious tyranny in apparently insisting that the National Alliance (NA) and all of its members be exclusively of the Cosmotheist religious faith and/or putting in place a NA membership requirement of having a personal philosophical worldview of Cosmotheism.  It should be noted that any websites by the two promoting this concept came into existence after 2012, yet both left the National Alliance a decade ago. Thus, there is a discontinuity, a gap in time of over 7 to 9 years between when they left the NA and when they became web based activists of this religious philosophical worldview.  What, if any, did they do during this time frame in actively promoting Cosmotheism?  Granted that Dr. Pierce early on in his transformation from being a conservative to a white nationalist wrote the basis for Cosmotheism, yet according to several published sources, most if not all of Dr. Pierce’s writings on this subject ceased by the 1980s, if not earlier.
Flash forward to today’ times, Will Williams is quoted on November 8, 2014 in his copartner Kevin Strom’s web blog with the following statement: My new direction for our Alliance will look more like the old direction: the scrupulously honest Cosmotheist direction that attracted me and so many others to Dr. Pierce’s teachings and program… It is that foundation upon which we will continue to build as long as I’m Chairman. Do not look to me to compromise on Dr. Pierce’s perfectly sound Cosmotheist world view, his philosophy — his religion, if you will.”
Thus has Mr. Williams lately become a bigoted religious zealot, an evangelist so to speak for his and Mr. Strom’s variety of personal religious faith? Does he now want to rigidly proselytize his own personal views on religion as an exclusive requirement for his “New Alliance” which he claims is no different than Dr. Pierce’s “Old Alliance” before Mr. Gliebe took over in 2002 after Dr. Pierce death?
PART 2: Will Williams previous Sworn Legal Statements on Cosmotheism from 1992 to 2005
What was Williams view on Cosmothiesm before this recent public transformation into him being a self-proclaimed Disciple of the Cosmotheist persuasion?  And more importantly what has Williams said previously before on what he saw was the relationship and role if any of Cosmotheism in Dr. Pierce’s National Alliance? Is what Williams now claims one and the same, or is it something different?
To find answers to these questions let us look at what Mr. Williams said under oath in his notarized signed legal affidavit that he personally wrote for the 2005 lawsuit of Shaun Walker vs. Erich Gliebe.  Let us discuss now some details of Williams’ legal affidavit. First note that his notarized affidavit is dated 4th day of May 2005 with his personal signature affixed along with the notary public’s signature and stamp. This legal affidavit states: “Williams W. Williams, being first sworn, says that the fact and allegations contained therein are true, except insofar as therein stated to be upon information and belief, and insofar as they are stated to be upon information and belief, he believes them to be true.
Next note that over a dozen pertinent statements about Cosmotheism’s relationship and role if any to the National Alliance are brought out in his legal affidavit including the following items in the order shown:
1. He states he was employed at the NA headquarters from Jan 1, 1992 to the end of Dec 1993.
2. Cosmotheism was not discussed on the property during those two years, though that was one thing that attracted me (Will Williams) to Dr. Pierce in the first place.
3. During my two year at the headquarters, we did not sell or ship any material with the Cosmotheist name on it or have any Cosmotheist material reprinted.
4. We never sold any of the three little booklets that Dr. Pierce wrote on Cosmotheism. They were out of stock before I started working there.
5. There were no books or printed materials that were explicitly Cosmotheist in the National Vanguard Books Catalog.
6. For a while at the Headquarters we had little get togethers up at Dr. Pierce’s house on Saturday nights to listen to our ADV shows. But there was no mention of Cosmotheism or the Cosmotheist religion.
7. Dr. Pierce started having a few staff meetings, but there was no mention of Cosmotheism at these either.
8. The Semiannual NA Leadership Conference at the headquarters starting in 1993.  There were no religious ceremonies or discussion of Cosmotheist at any of those conferences that I attended (1993 to 2002?).
9. I never heard Dr. Pierce or any other high ranking official say that membership in the NA resulted in membership in the Cosmotheist Community Church (CCC).
10. I never suggested to any member or prospective member of the NA that NA membership also included membership in the CCC.
11. I was never told that I was a member of the CCC.
12. I never heard anything from Dr. Pierce or any other high ranking official that membership in the NA resulted in membership in the CCC.
13. During the entire time that I known Dr. Pierce (1992?-2002), I never heard Dr. Pierce say that before doing something that he was going to get permission of the members of the CCC or the congregation of the CCC.
14. I don’t believe any such a congregation has existed since some time before 1992. (e.g. no congregation existed after 1992, if not earlier)
15. In particular for all of the above 14 specific statements, and in general also nowhere in the body of his legal affidavit does he ever use the phrase “upon information and belief”.
PART 3: Summary and Conclusion about the relationship and role between Cosmotheism and the NA
Thus from the above dated, signed, and notarized legal affidavit of Will Williams in 2005 one can state basically at least four things:
1. Will Williams states that he is personally attracted to the Cosmotheist religion and Cosmotheism philosophical worldview.
2. The Cosmotheist religion and Cosmotheism philosophical worldview had little if any relationship or role to the NA during the entire time (over 10 years) that Will Williams knew Dr. Pierce, (which was at least from the years 1992 to 2002).
3. Dr. Pierce, nor any other high ranking NA officials, did not ask nor require National Alliance members to be of the Cosmotheist religion or hold Cosmotheism philosophical worldviews.
4. Dr. Pierce, nor any other high ranking NA officials, never mentioned or discussed the Cosmotheist religion and/or Cosmotheism philosophical worldview when dealing with National Alliance matters.
Therefore, in comparing Williams’ 2005 legal affidavit vs. his recent (after 2012) public emphasis of the Cosmotheist religion/ Cosmotheism philosophical worldview, Williams’s present credibility is questionable and he could now possibly be considered insincere or worse.  In addition Williams and Strom’s tyrannical forcing of their own personal religious beliefs on all National Alliance current and future members could appear to some to be chicanery and possible machination.
Thus anything that Will Williams says now that is contrary to his legal affidavit may appear to the casual observer to be a hypocritical fabrication, and some might say outright bigoted religious tyranny. This is especially so if one is a past or present supporter/member of Dr. Pierce’s National Alliance but for various personal reasons is not of the Cosmotheist persuasion.  One wonders why seemingly does Williams insist (perhaps nefariously?) on driving away good and honorable white nationalist people who are not of the Cosmotheist persuasion yet who want to support the National Alliance with both their time, talent and their money? The readers can directly ask Mr. Williams himself for his answers to that important question.  If you do get a straight answer from Williams, drop us a line at NARRG’s website, and tell us what he had to say.
For those wishing to see for themselves direct proof of Williams’ past sworn statements on the Cosmotheist religion and the Cosmotheism philosophical worldview, please see a copy of Will Williams’ 2005 legal affidavit shown below.

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