Friday, April 11, 2014

Done Deal: Pollard to be Freed

Daily Stormer
April 11, 2014
Jew spy Jonathan Pollard
Jew spy Jonathan Pollard
The US has reached a deal between Israel and Palestine.
This is a yawn I wouldn’t even bother to report, but guess what?
As part of the deal, Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is to be freed from his 27-year detention in the US while the contentious fourth set of Palestinian prisoners are to be released.
The American-born Pollard was sentenced to life in 1987 after admitting to passing on US miliary secrets to the Jewish state whilst working as civilian intelligence analyst for the US Navy.
The negotiations were on the verge of breakdown after Israel refused to release the Palestinian prisoners and, in retaliation, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas registered with 15 UN agencies against Israel’s wishes.
The new deal will see Israel release an unknown number of Palestinian prisoners and suspend settlement construction in the West Bank.
In return, the Palestinians will suspend their plans to join the UN bodies, including the Geneva Convention on the conduct of war and occupations.
Abbas said he signed letters of accessions to 15 international conventions, thus bolstering Palestine claims to statehood, in response to Israel’s failure to release the prisoners.
Kerry previously said that both sides had taken “unhelpful, unilateral actions”.
Please note that this is not a peace deal between the US and Israel, but a US brokered peace deal between Israel and Palestine.
No one has any idea what a Jew who spied on the US government has to do with it, but there it is.
Jew, black, Arab.
Jew, Mulatto, Arab.

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  1. Pollard should be hung for treason, along with any government official who attempts to set him free.