Sunday, November 17, 2013

Arrests made in apparent racially motivated triple shooting in Tulsa

Shown here is yet another victim of black crime.Patrick Dehart. Arrests made in apparent racially motivated triple shooting in Tulsa Last September, three white males were sitting in a residential garage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Two black males entered the garage and opened fire on them. All three were shot, and one died. The media has given it very little coverage and calls it an “attempted robbery.” A young child was home at the time, but was inside the house and was unharmed. Three suspects have now been arrested in Muskogee, Oklahoma. One has not been identified. The victim that died was Christian Patrick DeHart, a former army medic. Tulsa, Oklahoma seems to be a hotbed of black on white murders. Most receive extremely little publicity. However, when Native American Jake England shot three black men in Tulsa it was a major international news story. The story was reported on the news in countries like Finland. Not only that, but the media lied and falsely claimed England was “a white man.” England is a member of the Cherokee tribe and has strong Asiatic facial features, including epicanthic eye-fold. He is also identified as an American Indian on his identification and had a special license plate that only members of the Cherokee tribe are eligible to purchase. Then you have the murder of Australia baseball player Chris Lane in Oklahoma City. Three black males were charged with his murder. A fourth person, who appears to be a very light skinned Mulatto was charged with being an accessory. One of the murder suspects had posted messages on twitter claiming he was targeting white people for violent attacks. One of his posts said he was attacking white people to get revenge for Trayvon Martin. Another one of the murder suspects had a banner reading “Black Power” displayed on his Facebook page. The Oklahoma media initially gave the story very little coverage, but it became a major national story in Australia. The Australian media and websites like this one forced the US media, against their will, to cover Chris Lane’s murder. This website published more social media evidence of an explicit racial motive than any other media source. Yet media outlets like MSNBC and others based most of their coverage around screaming that the murder was not racially motivated, nor did it constitute a hate crime. Some media personalities falsely claimed the alleged accomplice was “a white man” and that proved there was no racial motive. Patrick DeHart Bottom line. The media is showing an extreme double standard. If the races were reversed in this triple shooting, it would have been a major national news story. The media would have screamed “racially motivated hate crime.” Other Black on white hate crime murders in Tulsa, Oklahoma June, 2013: Black male rapes and kills white mother and her five year son March, 2013: Three black males shoot random white UPS man for the fun of it. February, 2013: Two blacks males slaughter four white females in Tulsa apartment March, 2012: Elderly white couple raped and murdered by young black males. January 2012: Five black teenagers murder white male. September, 2011: Young white couple killed execution style in park by black males.

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