Sunday, July 21, 2013


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  1. After almost seventy years after the end of World WarII the debate regarding the "Jewish Holocaust" still rages. The Jew media, of course, still wrings its sweaty palms over this alleged incident and strives to inculcate into the minds of gullible Gentiles, especially "Christians," the notion that the Jewish race, among all the other races of humanity...the sob-evoking account of the persecution of the Jews during the reign of Adolf Hitler. Countless Jews did, in fact, die during the five-year conflict that changed the map and dynamics of history, as of course a world war will inevitably do. No knowledgeable historian disputes this. But the question as yet not answered is this: Did Hitler really embark on the road of a systematic extermination of the Jews? Or were there many other factors, beyond Hitler's control...that led to the deaths of the Jews who died during that horrific time. We see horrific pictures of emaciated Jews, but who took those pictures...and where were they taken? A picture is worth a thousand words, so the sages say...but the sages are not able to answer these salient questions. Wherever masses of people are confined together...various diseases reign. Typhus, dysentery, chorera, etc. And one must not forget the fact that, toward the end of the war...the Americans and British launched continuous attacks on the German lines of supply of foodstuffs and other materials. Even the German army and citizens were starving then. Could it be that the Allies...the Americans and British...caused the Jews in the camps to starve? Just a thought...