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Seeking Justice for Mary Anne Phagan

Seeking Justice for Mary Anne Phagan (June 1, 1899 – April 26, 1913) Against the Anti-Defamation League’s Racist Anti-Gentile Campaign of Perpetuating the Century-Long Leo M. Frank Trial Judicial Anti-Semitic Hatecrime Hoax from 1913 to 2013 by CURATOR on APRIL 26, 2013 Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), Patron Father and Martyr of Anti-Semitism: Leo Frank, Atlanta B’nai B’rith President Serial pedophile-rapist and convicted child killer, Leo Max Frank, violently assaulted, raped, and garroted 13-year-old little Mary Anne Phagan (born Thursday, June 1, 1899) at minutes past twelve-noon, on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913. Phagan was viciously murdered, inside the National Pencil Company’s metal department (colloquially known as the “metal room”), which was located at the rear section of the factory’s second floor. A glimpse of what happened to Phagan during that fateful noon hour, was revealed months later at the Leo Frank trial, when one of the physicians, who performed an autopsy on her, mounted the witness stand and forensically described in medical detail, what his analysis of the cadaver indicated: (Mary Phagan Autopsy Report, 1913). Born in the Pedophile-Rape & Strangulation of Mary Phagan: Happy 100th Birthday Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) In the days, weeks, and months leading up to and surrounding Sunday, October 20th, 2013, the well organized international Jewish community, will commemorate with much fanfare and maudlin pomp, the monumental centennial founding of ‘ADL’, the infamous organization established in 1913 as ‘Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith’. This well known, impressively funded, and politically powerful Jewish-Israel lobby and activist group that masquerades as a civil rights group, was created by ‘B’nai B’rith’ in direct response to the August 25, 1913, conviction of 29-year-old Jewish industrialist, Leo M. Frank, who was sentenced to hang, for strangling one of his child laborers, 13-year-old Mary Phagan, in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Leo Frank the B’nai B’rith President of Atlanta (1912 to 1914): The commonly held belief, by majority of the Jewish community since 1913, has always been that 29-year-old Leo Max Frank was railroaded for the grisly murder of Mary Ann Phagan, because of Gentile anti-Semitic prejudice, media frenzies/sensationalism and jury intimidation by the Mob (in its classical meaning), not because of compelling forensic evidence in the second floor metal room, testimony of defense and prosecution witnesses, or circumstantial facts. Moreover, Leo Frank had been elected B’nai B’rith President of the Atlanta Gatecity Lodge in the Autumn of 1912 and less than one month after his sensational trial concluded in the summer of 1913, in open defiance of his guilty verdict and death sentence, he was unanimously re-elected (AC, September 24, 1913) by his local 500-member strong Jewish Fraternal Lodge. The men who made up the membership of B’nai B’rith ( Hebrew: בני ברית, “Sons of the Covenant”), were more often than not, the social, political and financial elite of Jewry. Frank would continue to proudly manage the affairs of his B’nai B’rith chapter while incarcerated, and as his appeals began wending their way through the judicial system, there was great hope for his vindication amongst his growing allies and supporters. By 1915, the Leo Frank case, that had consolidated as an inflammatory national cause celebre for the American Jewish community, was becoming an international incident on the periphery, with rumors about Jewish groups throughout major European cities like Paris and even far-off Moscow, organizing and agitating locally on his behalf, to bring awareness to his plight and predicament, while crystallizing Jewish tribal cohesiveness through the pathology of persecution and victomology. The “Cold Case” (?) Case that Refuses to Gather Dust: The Frank-Phagan affair started out as an unmitigated local scandal for the Jewish community in 1913 Atlanta, Georgia, destined to fade into the social and legal annals of intriguing and tragic criminal history, as do all heinous crimes against children, but instead the criminal case went viral in 1914 and 1915, when Jewish media magnate Adolf Ochs, embraced the drama playing out in the judicial appeals system, as his own personal crusade, and began using his flagship press organ, the New York Times, to regularly publicize the appeals of Leo M. Frank vs… With all the forces of the organized Jewish community working behind the scenes, the Leo Frank Case became the most infamous cause celebre of early 20th century U.S. history, and perhaps all of U.S. history, centered around the Jewish-American community seeking his vindication and liberation for their Atlanta President for the Sons of the Covenant. The ensuing inferno and Jewish media circus, galvanized the ADL of B’nai B’rith, to rally behind Leo Frank as an iconic martyr of Gentile inspired judicial persecution and American anti-Semitism ever since 1913. This 1913 conflict gave birth to the Jewish-Gentile American culture wars, that have now consumed all of Western Civilization since day 0, and have successfully put the United States of America into irreversible terminal decline as of 2013. July 1913 the most powerful lawfirm in Georgia History Forms: In 1915 the Governor of Georgia, John Marshall Slaton, used his executive privilege, commuting Leo Frank’s death sentence to life in prison. The conflict of interest caused riots to form around several regional cities around Georgia, in part because Governor Slaton was senior law partner and part owner of the merged lawfirm, ‘Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips’. This law group that formed officially via merger in July of 1913, and represented Leo Frank at his trial, and also during some of Frank’s most high profile state appeals to the Georgia Supreme Court. The lawfirm lead by Luther Zeigler Rosser and Morris Brandon (Jewish-American attorney), merging with John M. Slaton and Benjamin Z. Phillips (Jewish-American attorney) was considered the most powerful law group in Atlanta at the time, because its political and financial connections reached to the highest echelons of Georgian government with ‘Slaton’ added to its name. 21st Century Jewish Racial Activism and un-American Jewish Domestic Extremism: The popular mainstream culture that has been most prominently cultivated over the last century, has been one united around the position that leading up to the trial of Leo Frank, he was scapegoated during the Mary Phagan murder inquest and wrongfully indicted by the Grand Jury, because of incendiary sectarian divisions and societal tensions at the time, that all came to a focal point, involving: Union-North verses Confederate-South political animosity; class struggle between an ambivalent bourgeoisie, and blue-collar proletariat; transformational growing-pains between the declining agrarian economy in the surrounding regions and surging industrial revolutions on the ground; underlying racial hostilities of White vs. Black, yellow journalism in the Atlanta media; and traditional Christian prejudices against Jews from antiquity. But none of these Jewish Hollywood theories ever directly address the fact the Georgia Supreme Court vetted the Leo Frank trial transcript through its Brief of Evidence, ruled the testimony and exhibits sustained the verdict of guilt rendered against Leo Frank. Moreover, every level of the United States legal system from State to Federal tribunals ro pardons boards, from 1913 to 1986, have rendered decisions that left the verdict of the Leo Frank trial jury undisturbed – including the pardon. So, why have less qualified Jewish intellectuals, leaders, professors, historians, academics, journalists, and authors, cultivated the mythology over the last hundred years that Leo Frank was innocent? Why has this century-old Jewish mythology been transformed into a multi-million dollar Hollywood-Broadway popular-culture and mainstream Jewish carnival sideshow? What would possess Jews to transform a perverted Jewish serial pedophile-rapist and convicted child killer into a deity revered symbol of Anti-Semitic Martyrdom. The Jewish Genetic Algorithm: Is DNA an Equation? The answer is revealed from studying 5,773 years of Jewish history, through the lens of 21st century evolutionary psychology, evolutionary strategy, and behavioral genetics. The ethnoreligious parasite-host symbiosis of Jewish genetic evolutionary strategy and Gentile culture, is based on a sado-masochistically dysfunctional relationship where Jews agitate against and antagonize the nation states of Western Civilization as fundamentally hostile to Jewish racial interests, and this can be lucidly seen throughout the 20th century, but before we can look deeper into Jewish tribal activism and racist Jewish extremism, first, let’s travel back in time to 1913, the beginning of how the species of this 20th century Jewish culture war against European-Americans was born that rages on today in 2013: The ADL’s Viciously Racist Anti-Gentile Blood Libel Accusations (2013): The Anti-Defamation League has been perpetuating one of the longest ongoing racist hatecrime hoaxes in American history since 1913, claiming that an “innocent” Northern Jew, Leo M. Frank, was convicted and sentenced to death in the South — the last holdout and vestige of European-American ethnic solidarity — not because of the circumstantial facts and incriminating evidence presented at his 29-day trial, but absurd and unfounded anti-Semitic conspiracy theories created by racist Jewish activists and extremists known as Frankites. Most of the rumors, hoaxes and conflations perpetuated by Jewish activists do not stand up to even minimal scrutiny, but by using the big lie method, invented by Jews, all the of misrepresentations of the Leo Frank Case have become the mainstream orthodoxy in 2013 after 100 years of cultivation. The ADL also claims that anti-Semitism wasn’t only just “hanging heavily inside the courtroom”, but that their were mobs of angry Gentiles were chanting anti-Jewish bloody murder outside the Atlanta courthouse loud enough to be heard inside the courtroom of the Leo Frank trial. Thus given that air-conditioners hadn’t been invented yet, it is widely known the windows were opened during boiling hot summertime trials, because of the geographical location of Atlanta, thus implying anti-Jewish chanting infiltrated the proceedings and influenced the outcome of the jury. Some Jews hide behind cowardly language when making these false assertions and insinuations, yet others like Leonard Dinnerstein, Robert Seitz Frey and other prominent people who perpetuate outright bald-faced lies about the case. According to Abraham Foxman’s official ADL website and their ADL FaceBook page: “Hang the Jew, Hang the Jew”. This was the cry of the furious mob outside the Atlanta courthouse where Leo Frank, a Northern Jew, stood trial after his arrest in 1913 for a murder he did not commit. Anti-Semitism hung heavy in the courtroom as Frank was found guilty and sentenced to death.” (Source: ADL History 1913 to 1920 We Demand an Apology and a Retraction by the ADL and Leonard Dinnerstein, about people shouting anti-Semitic death chants into the Leo Frank trial courtroom. These racist anti-Gentile smears have been perpetuated as genuine history by the ADL for nearly a century and species of this hoax have evolved and been repeated numerous times by the majority of Jewish-American authors and journalists who have written about the Leo Frank case (Oney, Alphin, Melnick, Frey, Dinnerstein and others). However, these claims amount to nothing more than racist defamation, because none of the three major Atlanta newspapers that meticulously covered every detail of the Leo Frank trial ever reported such incidents. Teams of reporters from every major newspaper in Atlanta were not only inside the courtroom, but also outside the courthouse. Moreover, none of Leo Frank’s appeals to the Georgian Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court, ever mention any anti-Semitic statements shouted by mobs of people outside the courtroom. Is the ADL Falsifying Evidence and Creating a Hatecrime Hoax? The ADL claims to fight anti-Semitism, bigotry and hate, except when the bigotry and hate is directed at European-Americans or Arabs by Jews, then the ADL is completely silent, except for its rare token gestures to blunt criticism of its duel policies, Communist Multicultural Leftwing for America and Apartheid Racial Separatist Right Wing for Israel. Many people, Jews and Gentiles alike, despise the ADL, because they consider it to be deep down a grotesquely racist, zionist, bigoted and prejudiced organization, pretending to be a civil rights group, known to manufacture or exaggerate anti-Semitism, anti-Semitic hate crime hoaxes and use blood libel against Gentiles. The March 11, 1986, ADL Sponsored Posthumous Pardon of Leo Max Frank The Alonzo Mann Affair (1913 to 1986) that was born in 1982, and it turned into another mainstream media Hoax that was meant to vindicate Leo Frank, but the publicity stunt failed to get him exonerated at first, to the outrage of the organized Jewish community in 1983. However the ADL was able to use the 1982/1983 Alonzo Mann media circus as a spring board to secure a highly political posthumous pardon for Leo Frank in 1986, but without exonerating him of the crime. Most of the time when the Leo Frank posthumous pardon is mentioned, the fact he was not exonerated of the crime is almost always left out, to give people the false impression his guilt was overturned and that he was framed. Then comes the Jewish racist blame game against the African-American community, claiming Jim Conley – the accessory after the fact – did it by himself without Leo Frank. The ADL One Hundred Years Later The 21st century reveals the ADL has evolved into more than just an other Hydra-Head of the American Jewish Lobby, masquerading as a civil rights organization, but what it really is: An un-American Israeli lobby, that smears patriots as extremists, racists, White supremacists or anti-Semites, if they as individuals or as part of groups, dare criticize the untold history of Jewish War Crimes Against Humanity waged by the Jews from antiquity, all the way today via the Israeli government and North American Jews waging extermination upon Arabs living in the occupied State of Palestine and surrounding regions. Public Dossiers From a Non Profit: Spying on Gentiles The ADL even publishes dossiers on their web site as a fear-smear tactic to intimidate, discredit and silence people that criticize Jewish racism, Jewish hate and Jewish chauvinism. One hundred years after its birth, the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center and AIPAC, have become the vanguard of the all pervasive and politically powerful racist Jewish Nationalist (Zionist) movement, that conspicuously promotes one set of values for Western nations like America and another for Israel. The proof of this is the culture of fear that no politician can ever get elected to US Congress or stay there, who openly takes the side of Palestinians as victims of the core middle east conflict of ethnic cleansing conducted by Israel, which is ultimately enabled, via U.S. military equipment, and financed with American tax payer dollars. In Leo Frank’s Left Fist We Trust Born in the blood of 13-year old Mary Phagan’s rape and strangulation, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the Jewish HIV virus infecting Western Civilization and causing the disease of Jewish cultural AIDS to put American into terminal decline as of 2013. Thank you! Congratulations on 100 years of your success! Definitive Proof the Anti-Defamation League is falsifying history and perpetuating a racist and anti-Gentile hatecrime hoax against European-Americans about the Leo Frank trial, which directly led to the ADL founding: Leo Frank first appeal, motion for a new trial, August 27, through Oct 31, 1913. Note there is nothing about anti-Semitic death threats and chants made at the Leo Frank trial, whether inside or outside the courtroom. The Atlanta Constitution (focused between 1913 and 1915, with other issues before and after this date range) & Atlanta Georgian newspaper (April 28 through August, 1913). (Atlanta Georgian) and the Atlanta Constitution and the Atlanta Journal which is now in our Newspaper section. Nothing in the “yellow journalism” Atlanta Georgian or mainstream Atlanta Constitution newspapers ever mentions anything about anti-Semitic death threats occurring during the Leo Frank trial whether inside or outside the courtroom. Also see the better organized Newspaper section of the Leo Frank Research Library Archive for the newly added Atlanta Journal and Tom Watson’s delicious witty sarcasm. References and Required Reading: Parental Discretion is Advised: The Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Case Records ( in 2 volumes) reveal an ugly conspiracy of criminal activity to liberate Leo Frank, involving the Governor John M. Slaton, who was senior law partner and part owner of the lawfirm, ‘Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips’ (Merged July 1913) that represented Leo Frank during his Trial in 1913 and his state appeals in 1913, 1914. Learn About the Subversive ADL that says nothing about the bigotry and racism of Apartheid Israel: The Dark Side of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL): Leo Frank and the American Jewish Community for the American Jewish Archive Journal 1968 volume 20 number 2, by Leonard Dinnerstein author of ‘The Leo Frank Case’ editions 1968 through 2008. Leonard Dinnerstein’s Hatecrime Hoax on Page 110: Beyond the main testimony, the jurors had little more on which to base their decision than hearsay, rumors, and unsubstantiated accusations. Yet most members of the public were thoroughly convinced of the defendant’s guilt and made their voices heard, The intense summer heat necessitated that the courtroom windows be left open, and remarks from the crowds could be heard easily by those inside. “Crack the Jew’s neck!” – “Lynch him!” – were some of the epithets emerging from the more boisterous. Threats were also made “against the jury that they would be lynched if they did not hang that ‘damned sheeny.’ ” Leonard Dinnerstein (b. May 5, 1934) completed his Columbia University Ph.D., Dissertation on the Leo Max Frank Case (1966) for the Political Science Department. The central thesis of his dissertation is Anti-Semitism was responsible for an innocent Jewish man, Leo Frank, getting convicted for the murder of Mary Phagan in 1913. Dinnerstein’s dissertation became the species for his book, “The Leo Frank Case”, which would go through a number of editions in its evolution beginning in 1968 with the first edition. Leonard Dinnerstein’s Works and Associated References: Leo Frank and the American Jewish Community (1968) by Leonard Dinnerstein: The Leo Frank Case (1966) PhD Dissertation: (Fact checking time) To Number Our Days by Pierre van Paassen (see pages 237, 238 about the Leo Frank case): The Leo Frank Case Georgia Supreme Court Case Records (1,800 pages). For studying the Leo Frank Case, the Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta Georgian and Atlanta Journal are available in PDF format, and should be studied from April, 1913, through till August, 1915, in-order to get the best grasp of the Frank-Phagan case (1913 to 1915) in the the three major local competing daily Atlanta newspapers, that together defined the heart of the Georgian mainstream media. After reading these three local Atlanta Georgia newspapers from 1913 to 1915 on ‘The Internet Archive’, it is time for you to decide the truth, first as the Judge and Jury, and secondly, then as the Georgia Supreme Court Justices, to determine whether or not, the verdict rendered against Leo Frank on August 25, 1913, by the jury, and on August 26, 1913, by the judge, was indeed correct and should stand: First Step: 1. You are now the Judge and Jury, read the official Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence from beginning to end, sifting it and pass your verdict. Would you leave the verdict of the jury and judge undisturbed? Second Step: 2. You are now the Georgia Supreme Court, read the Leo Frank Supreme Court Records in either individual images or PDF, from beginning to end, sifting it and pass your verdict. Would you leave the verdict of the jury and judge undisturbed? Open Discussion Forum: To discuss the Leo Frank Case, join Brooklyn College Professor Allen Koenigsberg’s, Leo Frank Case Yahoo Discussion Group, from the Leo Frank Case: Open or Closed, website: (The Leo Frank Research Library is NOT affiliated with Professor Allen Koenigsberg or his Leo Frank Case website/yahoo group.)

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