Friday, May 3, 2013

‘Gentiles Not Equal to Jews’ Official Israeli Defence Force Rule

‘Gentiles Not Equal to Jews’ Official Israeli Defence Force Rule Administrator May 03, 2013 | The Israeli Defence Force—subsidized by American taxpayers—has an official rule book which specifically states that gentiles are not equal to Jews. The revelation of yet another example of extreme Jewish racism directed against non-Jews has been revealed in an article in the Israeli media outlet Ynet news. Written by a Bedouin serving in the IDF, Lieutenant-Colonel (Res.) Hassan Kaabiya, who also works in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the article points out that “Gentiles are not equal in rights to Jews in the State of Israel, according to the IDF Military Rabbinate staff.” Kaabiya goes on to state that he “regret[s] the fact that this halachic ruling was written, approved and distributed by the Military Rabbinate, and even received the blessing of the chief military rabbi. “We, the soldiers of the minorities, Bedouin and Druze who serve loyally; we, who light the fire on Shabbat when it goes out so that the food remains warm for the soldiers; we, who turn on the light for the religious soldier in the shower and in any other place in the base so that our Shabbat observing Jewish brothers don’t desecrate Shabbat – is this the thanks we get from our rabbi brothers?” He adds: “ It’s a shame that the term ‘gentile’ has become a bad word in the IDF.” He points out that there has been no condemnation of this blatant anti-Gentile racism from anyone in leadership in Israel. “The only thing that irritates me is the silence of the prime minister, the defense minister and the chief of staff. “The identity of the ignorant person who signed this alleged ‘halachic ruling’ is unclear. It is simply a racist and narrow-minded libel, which would be considered a bad joke even on Purim.” The admission that the IDF is officially anti-Gentile came after a burial ceremony for two Israeli soldiers killed in a recent clash with Palestinians. The IDF ordered that their funerals be held apart, and the Israeli flag was only placed on the coffin of one of the soldiers—because, according to Ynet News, the “Jewish status of the other soldier is in doubt.” The IDF’s protocol distinguishes between a Jewish casualty and a non-Jewish one, even if the latter was the most recent. Once again, the overt racism of the Jewish Supremacists is revealed to all—and made even more shocking by the fact that Israel receives billions of dollars in “aid” from American taxpayers every year. Yet these same Jewish Supremacists would be up in arms if the American army, for example, had to bury its soldiers in different places according to race, and then refuse to place the American flag on the coffins of dead Jewish soldiers “because their gentile status is in doubt.” How much longer will Americans stand by and let these Jewish Supremacist racists control their country?

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  1. It is an odd and ironic phenomenon that the Jews, the race of people that coined the term "supremacist" itself supremacist in every nuance of the word. The Jews, though, have throughout history been of the most vile and reprehensible sort, dishonest and deceitful in all their ways. There is no act of perfidy, however low and base, to which they have not stooped. The Jews likewise coined the term "hate crime," a contrived term that they have codified into the legal structures of this and other counties. People of the white race, the race the Jews hate the most, have been the primary victims of this sinister contivance...this despite the fact that, over 2,000 years ago...the Jews committed the worst hate crime in the history of humanity...the savage torture and brutal murder of Jesus the Christ, the Son of man and of God. Yes, irony...bitter irony. The Jews, "who killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us, and they please not God and are contrary to all men." First Thessalonians 2:14-15. The Jews...truly a demonic race.