Friday, April 1, 2011

News Blurbs for April 1st,2011

Khadafi's Revenge

The first 350 invaders from Libya have landed on the island of Lampedusa, Italy’s southern-most territory in the night of March 26 to March 27. The nightmare has begun.

The Libyan dictator Khadafi, who is under attack by French, British and US air forces since March 20, has found his revenge: the millions of Blacks who come from central Africa to the continent’s Northern coast, Libya, in the hope of invading Western Europe. An estimated 2 million Blacks are waiting in Libya for any opportunity to take to the sea towards Western Europe.

So far, the Libyan dictator would impede these Blacks to embark on ships. He would often deport them back to Chad and Mali. Khadafi protected Europe not out of love for our race, but under the terms of an agreement signed with Italy in August 2008. According to this treaty, he would receive much money in order to keep all would-be invaders at bay in Libya. His police would simply patrol the beaches and harbours and stop all Blacks who take to the sea.

Now that the dictator has been attacked by Western armies, he obviously does no longer feel bound by that treaty. Just the reverse ! He is looking for a vengeance against the West.

Khadafi is now chasing the Black migrants out of Libya, on to the sea, toward Europe. The first 350 Blacks coming from Libya to Lampedusa told that they had been chased away by Libyan soldiers. They arrived from Tripoli, which lies within Khadafi’s controlled territory.

The 350 Black invaders comprise 270 males, 80 females and 12 youngs. They mostly stem from Ethiopia and Somalia. They explained to Italy’s coastguards that 4 or 5 other boats, teeming with more than 1,000 other Black invaders, had departed towards Europe on the same day as them.

The horror story is not finished. Instead of being immediately captured and deported back to Somalia and Ethiopia (or eventually to Libya), like they should, the 350 invaders have been carried away by the Italian police to Sicily, deeper into Italy ! They are be installed in one of Sicily’s large invaders centers, close to the city of Agrigente.

There, like usual, they shall be released by the overwhelmed center’s authorities after a few days, with the official request to leave Italy immediately – but without any control. A large majority of them shall be more than satisfied to disobey this request. They shall remain clandestinely in Italy or elsewhere in Europe, for years.

News Source: Euro coorespondent

Another PC Twit Equates Perceived "Racism" To Criminal Activity

At about 2:25 p.m. Tuesday, Arlington High School Principal Charles Skidmore followed up with police on a prior incident, which occurred Friday, March 4.

Skidmore told police that a student informed him that derogatory comments had been made on Facebook by two male students and a former male student. In the comments, the students discuss their dislike of “black people” and write about “exterminating” them by hanging them from a tree.

The school suspended the two current students and issued a no trespass notice to the third male. Police said the comments, although “clearly derogatory,” do not appear to be criminal due to the absence of a specific victim. Police referred the case to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office and the Arlington Civil Rights Commission for further review.

News Source: Jimbo

Hispanic Flood Of America Affirmed By Census Figures

According to newly released census data, Americans are fleeing the Great Plains for sunnier climes in record numbers, the decades-long trend only accelerating in the 21st century.

The data, as mapped by the site New Geography, shows that North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas all had more counties with total population decreases than increases between 2000 and 2010. Meanwhile, southern California, southern Nevada--especially the Las Vegas area--Arizona, Florida, and eastern Texas all saw big population gains.

The metro areas that grew the fastest were all in the west or south. In descending order, they were: Las Vegas, Nevada; Raleigh, N.C.; Austin, Texas; Charlotte, N.C.; Riverside, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Houston, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas.

The data also offer information about changes in America's racial makeup. Many of the counties that saw the largest increases in their Hispanic populations were in traditional Hispanic strongholds, including southern California, Arizona, and south Florida. But others were more surprising: Counties in eastern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma all saw an influx of Hispanics, reflecting a trend over the last decade in which many recent Latino immigrants have spread beyond urban centers like Los Angeles and Phoenix into more rural parts of the country.

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