Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Commitment To Action

A Commitment To Action

ADV Broadcast Of April 2, 2011

Hello again, and welcome to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Well, another week has gone by and another avalanche of bombs have dropped on the sovereign nation of Libya, which posed no threat to the United States, Europe, or anyone else outside the North African, oil-producing nation for that matter. Currently, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has been hanging tough against the bombardment and also against the so-called “rebels” who seek to overthrow Gadhafi in a violent manner.

The Obama administration and his war team, including that of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are engaged in a fierce debate over whether to supply weapons to the rebels in Libya. However, it seems quite obvious that the rebels are already being provided with weapons, as well as air support from the U.S.- and NATO-led coalition.

The Jewish president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, has led the international charge against Gadhafi and placed pressure on the U.S. to provide greater assistance to the rebels.

President Barack Obama claimed that he would not commit U.S. ground troops to Libya, but being a “man of change,” he can always change his mind, of course.

Isn’t it interesting how Sixties peace activist Hillary Clinton now acts like a gangster ordering a hit on someone she doesn’t like, in this case Gadhafi and the Libyan soldiers loyal to him? Let’s take a deeper look at Hillary Clinton. As far as I’m concerned, Hillary has never worked a day in her life. She sat in classrooms, was a reactionary Marxist activist in college, and engaged in a career of pushing words and blame around, and now she has graduated to ordering “hits.”

Hillary and her husband Bill were against the American war effort in Vietnam, and marched on the streets with communists wearing red arm bands while some of her countrymen were dying in the jungles of Southeast Asia fighting communists.

Hillary is similar to the communists that attempted to infiltrate and undermine German society after the First World War. Hitler, however, outlawed the communists and placed them into detention camps, where they were either reprogrammed or deported. But since Hillary is too far gone in my opinion to be rehabilitated, she should be either imprisoned or deported to Israel, where it seems her and her husband’s heart really is, especially since her and other U.S. politicians like to send our money there. And with her daughter Chelsea now married to a Jew, perhaps the Israeli government can accommodate them with a family housing plan, paid for by U.S. taxpayers, of course.

Both Hillary and Obama claim that Gadhafi is “killing his own people,” and that’s why the U.S. just had to intervene. What are they talking about? The U.S. government would certainly kill its own citizens if they marched on Washington with rocket-propelled grenades, artillery, and machine guns.

Now while some of the American public is gobbling up the Jewish media lies about the Libyan situation, more American people are actually starting to think for themselves and not buy into the hogwash of Obama, Hillary, and the Jewish-controlled media. This is because the current pay freezes and stagnant wages are starting to infringe upon the American public’s alcohol and snack munching habits.

Looking at it from another angle, though, perhaps we should listen to what the U.S. government has to say about how Gadhafi puts down a violent revolt in his own country. After all, the grace and poise with which government troops handled the Kent State demonstration on May 4, 1970 is something to take note of. Now what if the U.S.S.R. or China decided to intervene then because American National Guardsmen were killing their own civilians?

So what happens now? The U.S. will keep bullying nations around for Israel. That is, until it comes back to bit America in the face.

Now let’s get back to our most pressing need, White living space. For most of us, that possible future seems a long way off, almost unreachable at times. How is it possible, some of us might think, that us racialists will be able to wrest from the Jews, the other non-Whites, and the White racial traitors throughout American society a homeland dedicated to the safety and progress of the White race? After all, the past behavior of the Jews and those they control would suggest that they will stop at nothing to prevent such an occurrence.

For it seems obvious to me that when it comes to fanaticism, there is no race that is quite able to match the fanaticism of the Jews. That nearly-uncontrollable fanaticism is both the Jews’ greatest strength and their greatest weakness. It is their greatest strength in that it drives them to acts of boldness and cunning that less fanaticized races shy away from. This daring and, at times, reckless, behavior has allowed them to gain control of everything over which they have control today: the media, high finance, real estate, most of the big business world, and – of course – the federal government. It is my belief that any other race would have cracked at the audacity of such a venture before achieving anywhere close to a comparable degree of power over a White nation. The Jews are truly a separate and unique race, although their claim to being “God’s chosen people” has a bit too much chutzpah for even me to handle.

But that chutzpah, that overconfidence, is also the Jews’ greatest weakness. It is this attitude that has so exasperated host peoples down through the ages, causing those peoples to send packing as many Jews as they could find. And, variously, some Jews headed for the hills, some were rounded up and killed by angry citizens who had had their fill of being taken advantage of by Jews, and then there were some Jews who slipped through the cracks and managed to stay in-country and wait out the purge. Then, when the wave of wrath had died down sufficiently, that remnant of Jews would emerge, humbly at first, and continue on with their treacherous behavior until a new purge came about. In any list of the Jewish expulsions from various countries throughout history, it is truly amazing how many gentile nations or states are listed there multiple times. It is as though the Jewish expulsions of the past were merely like the actions of a pump operating on a slowly-leaking boat, with the pump having to be fired up every so often in order to remove most, but not all, of the Jew-water from within the boat’s hull. Assuming we can secure a White homeland on this continent, we hope to pump out the Jewish and all other non-White water and then seal the boat’s hull so well that no non-White water will ever be able to seep back in.

Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind that our position of racial separation is the most sensible of all positions to take in the hysterical mess that IS American society today. Never mind that we are concerned only with the life and future of our own people. To me, it should be the position of all who claim to desire peace, security, and progress that the races be segregated in separate nation-states and then remain so. It is simply a fact of life that all people function better when they are among their own kind, as is well-known by the standard wisdom from the old nursery rhyme, “Birds of a feather flock together, and so do pigs and swine.” Division of the various races now present in America WILL result in a safer, more secure, and more pleasant existence for all of them.

So don’t let anyone get away with telling you that it is either immoral to believe in and work for such an end, or that you are a quote – “hater” – unquote, for working for racial separation. Similarly, don’t let them scare you into silence by telling you that you are working for anything that is against the law. What we are doing is not only RIGHT by every standard of human decency, it is still – moreover – legal, despite the attempts of the Jews to enact blanket hate crimes legislation that would effectively close the book of law on us.

With that said, it may seem that there is little left for us to do. The Jews are firmly entrenched in their positions of power. They appear to be willing to selectively prosecute those who would raise their voices in protest against the mixed-race world that the Jews are steering us deeper and deeper into. What else is there to do, some might think, but give up?

There is MUCH to do besides give up. The main thing for us to do is to continue with our message of hope and deliverance for White people, and to gain a wider listenership for the idea of segregating America on the basis of race. If we can strengthen our own organization, the National Alliance, and, at the same time, gain the attention – if not the hearts – of a wider portion of the public, THEN… when the Jews’ chutzpah gets the best of them, we will have a good chance of making a quantum leap from the relative stasis that our race is stuck in today to that new White world, a world that sits high above the interracial madness and bickering that pervades our society today.

So what that means for each one of us today is that we must KEEP PUSHING and, above all, we must continually feed our enthusiasm, our devotion, and our commitment to Our Cause. The myriad of activities and programs that we have in place now… we must continue to make them grow. Programs that we’ve had in the past that have gone by the wayside… if they have merit, we need to revive them and find volunteers to keep them going. New ideas that will expand our influence on anybody else… these need to be put into motion.

But the only way we can put them into motion is to find willing people like all of you to offer up your time and talents to make this Cause grow and prosper. I suppose the 80/20 rule will always be true to some extent – in which 20% of the people do 80% of the work – but I don’t see why we can’t get 40% of our activists to work as hard as 20% of us are now. Even those of us who aren’t math geniuses can figure out that, in getting 40% of us to become true activists, our work output would double.

And actually, it would more than double, because that doubling of output and influence will soon result in new activists from among those Whites who have tuned into, say, the American Dissident Voices broadcasts for years, but who haven’t yet made the commitment to Our Cause. A doubling of our output would certainly push some of these fence-sitters off the fence. As much as it annoys me to say it, there are some extremely high-quality White men and women who are now sitting on the fence, and once they finally make the decision to join us, they will make a full commitment and some sort of tangible contribution. We’ve been after such high-quality people since the beginning, but most of them resist joining Our Cause until they are sure that their hearts are into it. Once they’ve cleared that hurdle, they become willing and productive activists for Our Cause.

Earlier, when I said that we want to expand our influence on ANYBODY else, I meant exactly that: anybody else. Not necessarily just on White people, although there can be no doubt that our kinsmen worldwide are the main targets of our message. But we also want to grab the ear of anyone else who will listen to us. There are many non-Whites out there who favor exactly the same scheme of complete racial separation that we do, and they are open to our ideas even though they are concerned not about our people, but about their own. Black and Hispanic separatists come to mind, for example, as well as many of the Arab peoples, both in the Middle East and many of those who now live in the White West. In the near future, we may all be surprised at some of the alliances we White racialists will forge with groups that, up until now, most people would perceive as our enemies. But strategic alliances are a part of the political world, and the National Alliance, for instance, is an organization that concerns itself not only with social questions from a racial point of view, but also with political questions from a racial point of view. And as long as we don’t violate our racial principles, there is no philosophical reason why we shouldn’t forge a beneficial political alliance.

Like you, I have no idea what mutually-beneficial agreements might be possible in the future and with whom, but we need to keep our minds and our options open. The whole point of any such alliance that we might make, of course, is to do whatever we need to do legally to secure a safe and homogeneous living space for our people. All our hopes and dreams for our race, all our visions of a clean and orderly society, all our wishful thinking about a society in which the entire citizenry feels AT HOME… all of these hinge on our securing of a White homeland. To talk about basically ANYTHING of value – a man’s spiritual perspective on life and his spiritual health, a man’s relationship to his family and his community and his country, a man’s connections to the land and the water and the sky, a man’s outlook on his job and his leisure activities, and a man’s overall place in the scheme of progress that Nature has laid out for us… all of this is strictly dependent on whether or not we can secure a White homeland. If we can, then all is possible; if not, then all is lost. It’s a big ball we’re being asked to carry, and we don’t want to drop it.

There is to be no discussion among anyone here as to whether or not we need a White racial homeland; it is a NECESSITY, and that’s that. End of story. And whatever we need to do legally to secure that homeland…that’s what we’re going to do.

Basically, the vision of a White homeland must govern everything we do, and we need to keep this at the forefront of our minds in deciding what tactics to employ in the achievement of this goal. A rigid adherence to specific tactics must be avoided. The single criterion for evaluating a tactic is whether or not is gets us closer to our goal without in some way compromising our position now or in the future.

And so what we need right now from all of you and from every other racialist that you know who isn’t with us today, or every future racialist, is a commitment to ACTION. Whatever skills you possess, your identity as a White person of honor demands that you use those skills to advance Our Cause. We have all kinds of things that need to be done in our media efforts; we need more waves of leafleting and demonstrating and we have media jobs that need to be done with quality and in a timely fashion.

And we need to forge the face-to-face bonds with each other and with new people. We are building the beginnings of the White world of the future, and remember that this will be a world in which a firm handshake and a straight look in the eye will be just as good or better than a signed contract with a bunch of legalese on legal-pad sized paper. So we need to start practicing.

There’s a big job ahead of us, but we are up to the challenge. Let’s get excited about what we’re doing. Let’s use every tactic we can think of to shake this monkey-tree we call America, and let’s achieve some results that will pave the way for even more dramatic gains. If we do that, then someday we’re going to be celebrating a complete and total White victory, and all the boldness and cunning and chutzpah of the Jews won’t be able to stop us.

It’s up to us. What are we waiting for?

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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