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Multiracialism : The Madness Must End

Multiracialism : The Madness Must End

ADV Broadcast Of February 5, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

When it comes to the national media, biased reporting against any form of separatism for utilitarian and natural purposes and against systematic team building based solely on qualifications and ability is ever evident.

The Plain Dealer, the daily general interest newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio, and the 14th largest newspaper in the country, again used its biased reporting in slamming new Ohio Governor John Kasich for selecting “too White of a cabinet.” The paper accused Kasich, a conservative who is not a career politician but instead has specialized in the financial industry, of selecting not enough Blacks, Indians, Hispanics and Asians to his administration. He has been in office less than a month and has already been accused of governing as if it were 1811 and the days of slavery and that he is not paying attention to diversity or inclusiveness.

This would be a typical knee-jerk reaction from sectors of society that base everything in instant gratification, superficiality, emotion, score-keeping and negativity instead of logic, deliberate evaluation, delayed gratification, variety within depth, and qualified evidence.

The way in which the story was written and the sources used in compiling it hardly had any evidence of even an inkling of diversity, inclusiveness, immediacy, and, well, color, if you will. In essence, it was the proverbial pot calling the kettle black – no pun intended.

Hmm, let’s see, the Plain Dealer article was written by a Black guy named Reginald Fields, and nearly every so called-expert he quoted on the issue of diversity was Black (Sen. Nina Turner, Sen. Carlton Weddington, Rep. Sandra Williams), or Jewish (House Minority Leader Armond Budish), except, one, White renegade Rep. Matt Szollosi. So much for objective reporting! And they thought the Fox News Network was biased.

The Plain Dealer, which incidentally is owned by the Newhouse family, the 24th wealthiest family and second wealthiest Jewish family in the United States, has had a monopoly on the daily news market in the city since 1982 and currently has an overall print media monopoly on the largest media market in the state, also owning the online and the monster weekly chain Sun Newspapers.

Reginald Fields, the so-called objective reporter on the story, has lived the life of privilege yet still finds a need to whine about “lack of inclusion and diversity.” He was educated at Ohio Wesleyan University, which costs upward of $40,000 per year for a student, but one in which the average aid a student receives is $30,000 a year and in most cases for a so-called minority like Fields, much more than that. So he received a private education for almost nothing, something most Whites never see.

Fields never had to spend much time in the so-called bush leagues of reporting, but instead landed spots at such Guild (newspaper union) papers as the Baltimore Sun, Akron Beacon Journal, and the Plain Dealer, all which have a top minimum for reporters of between $60,000-90,000 per year, while 90 percent of all newspapers, most in small towns, start their reporters at the paltry $20,000 level (yes news reporters on the whole receive far less than public school teachers, and thus are the lowest paid among the college educated).

And of course, being in the Columbus bureau, Fields does not have to live in the more economically depressed Cleveland, but instead gets to inhabit the Columbus area, considered “more white” than Cleveland, thus making Fields at best an uppity type.

On the other hand, we have the White lemming, Szollosi, who works under Armond Budish, who is in nearly every published story (except Fields’) referenced as “The First Jewish House Speaker” in Ohio. Yes, the Jews always have their underlings since they are able to finagle their ways into the top positions of everything they “take over,” taking over, of course being their specialty, and sometimes the underlings are White Catholics like Szollosi, who are trained by their doctrine to at all costs buy into the myth the of the Jews’ “chosen-ness” and thus happy go luckily almost work for the Jews for free and for cheap and do it like clockwork.

However, in most cases these underlings are Blacks and more recently Latinos and Asian Indians. Whenever there is presence of Jewish ownership, there will be black labor. Jewish men, typically short and small, use the Black man for muscle, while they finagle and manipulate with their constantly calculating minds. The silly Hollywood movies about mobsters traditionally having been Italian is merely a myth. Many mob leaders have been Jews and their henchmen more often than not Blacks. This is why just a few months ago the Plain Dealer reveled in the arrest of Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora (an Italian-American) in Cleveland. There was also a national report just last week about a roundup of mobsters and each one publicized had an Italian name, with no mention in these reports of any Asians, Blacks and mestizos, yet they are the ones committing most of the crimes. Furthermore, the enemy loves to promote the idea of the “first” of anything any time a non-White gets into a high-level position.

Such has also been the inaccurate reporting by American media the past few decades about internment camps in the US that held Japanese Americans in bondage during World War II when in reality there were just as many Italian and German Americans in US internment camps in the 1940s, but the only reason the media plays up the Japs and plays down the other two is so that it could make a RACE issue out of it, which it does with nearly everything in this NEW Journalism.

It is a commonly held belief that the Harlem Globetrotters, the all-black basketball clown touring group, was founded by Blacks. Wrong. The Globetrotters were founded in the late 1920s by Abe Saperstein – a Jew. Yes, old Abe was their sugar daddy, and bred into them that separatism is OK when it is for them only, but separatism is not for Whites. Yes, Jews and Blacks can be separatists when they want and when it fits their agenda, and to be integrationists when they want and it fits their agenda (examples of the latter is when a Black might want to attend a historically white college like Ohio Wesleyan or work at the higher paying newspapers like the Baltimore Sun or Plain Dealer.

According to this warped thinking, Whites can be integrationists only when giving up their jobs or homes so that Blacks could have an equal chance – the leveling of the playing field – or when in positions of power like Kasich are dictated to as to who they might hire. Notice, never is a Jew expected to step aside and give up his riches, positions or pure-breaded-ness, as Blacks have also learned not to give to “those lesser.” Ask any waiter, taxi driver or bell hop – Blacks are the worst tippers, even those with prestige, power, persuasion, and money.

It is also a commonly held belief that the NAACP was a black-founded organization. Of course it was not. Although founded primarily by Jews in 1908, it wasn’t until the mid-1970s before a Black man, W. Monteague Cobb, actually occupied the top position in the organization.

The Plain Dealer’s operation is hardly a diverse one and its reporting is clearly slanted to an even less diverse angle that hinges on anything that is anti-White and anti-White male in particular. Whites in the editorial area are expected to be on the “Jew-Black -- or any other non-White -- above all” program or his or her days are numbered.

Take Roy Hewitt for instance. Hewitt, essentially a hypocritical lemming, is a White man who has been the sports editor for nearly 20 years at the Plain Dealer. No one knows what Roy Hewitt looks like because he has near zero visibility in a metro area in which he did not grow up but has enough know-how to tell its inhabitants what is good for them. Hewitt himself, lives in the nearly all-White suburb of Brecksville, yet takes pride in and vocally boasts of his being a “champion of diversity.”

The Plain Dealer went 17 years without hiring a single White male from the outside into its sports department (from the late 1980s until the mid 2000s). Hewitt would refuse to even look at one in this demographic regardless of his talent, experience and knowledge. Every hiring move was based on diversity – “anything but White male” was the clarion call. One local sports writer, Marty Gitlin, sued the Plain Dealer in the early 2000s for its blatant bias against White males. Gitlin did not have a prayer – for two reasons: 1) by law, White males are not part of a “protected population” as it has basically been mandated that it is fully legal to discriminate against them and 2) he did not have the money the Jewish Newhouses had to pay lawyers to win the case.

Roy Hewitt is a classic case of a White lackey who just hates himself or at the least the Whiteness and maleness about himself. Call it “White guilt” or whatever, but he has saved his own ass by selling out to his own kind. If his grandfather were alive, he would probably disown Hewitt for treason and adopt Kasich in his place and moreover have the latter knighted as a true royal leader, someone led by his own instinct and natural intelligence and not by a bunch of groupthink-dominated weaklings. One of the first appointees by Kasich was a decorated naval officer. In other words Kasich, like some of the men he hires, are the type not afraid to pull the trigger, unlike Hewitt, who has probably never even fired a bee-bee gun in his life from his safe, pristine home in rolling Brecksville, where he has lots of White neighbors who bow down before him as the true Abe Saperstein of today – he rescued the mediocre from those darn competitive White males who want to win by playing hard, competing, and earning their keeps instead of simply checking off all the “special case” boxes on job applications.

Of course the Plain Dealer does give a presence of welcoming differing viewpoints. It has as a columnist one Regina Brett, who for all three northeastern Ohio newspapers she has been on, has made a huge deal writing about her “bastard” daughter. That’s what such a “tolerant” and “inclusive” and “current” day newspaper considers diversity. However, to have a woman who has stayed at home the past 20 years and taken care of her children and now wants to write a column, now, that just would not be “diverse.”

Miss Brett was the one who ridiculed radio talker Glenn Beck for bringing his Fourth of July Show to nearby Bay Village six years ago. Beck deemed Bay Village, a small community outside of Cleveland founded by mainly East Coast WASPs, “An All American City. “ Brett ripped into Beck through the Jew owned-Plain Dealer because Bay is “too White,” and hardly reflects the “true America.” The two got into a shouting match each through his own medium and Beck (although I can’t stand the pro-Israel moron) to this day considers the self-hating (or at least the Whiteness about her) Brett as one of his worst tormentors.

Cleveland was for a long time known as the best location in the nation, mostly because of its strong suburbs. One of those was Parma, one of the largest suburbs in the country. Parma was also known for many decades as very diverse – diverse in the sense that it had a great mix of various Eastern, Central, Northern and Southern European ethnicities – all with their own halls, churches, and sports clubs. Then it came time for local late night talk show hosts to make fun of Parma and its residents (doing so to probably please their Jewish bosses and owners), and Parma jokes became popular “those DPs” – “they are so weird – they don’t even want any Blacks in their community.”

So they pushed and pushed as they are pushing Kasich now. Two decades ago the NAACP successfully sued the city of Parma for not having enough Blacks on payroll. Parma, which had a residency requirement, was forced to not only hire more Blacks, but to attract more Black residents by advertising in Black newspapers and the Black community. And, to top it off, if a Black were to purchase a home in Parma on a 30-year mortgage and live in the home for 15 years, well the final 15 years of the mortgage would be wiped out, paid for by taxpayers.

So what has the addition of Blacks contributed to Parma, which for years boasted the lowest crime rate in the country for a city its size? Well, crime has increased dramatically, and the suburb’s shopping mall is all but vacant, as hordes of non-Whites have made White people feel uneasy to shop there.

Reginald Fields quoted Nina Turner stating that Kasich is governing as if it were the year 1811. In reality, it is 2011 – if the president of the U.S. can take executive privilege when asked for his birth certificate, Kasich can take executive privilege and if he wants 23 of his 23 cabinet members to be White, he should be allowed to have them all be White.

Now that Ohio has an all All-White Cabinet in the Governor’s office, maybe more money can be earmarked to colleges to have White Studies Departments with only White Professors and only with a curriculum that teaches the truth about the Jews and their control on finance and media.

Perhaps other states can follow, and National Alliance literature could become the regular textbooks for White Studies classes.

Of course, I can go on and on and point out all the racial discrepancies and bias toward Whites. But we in the National Alliance take the position that no multiracial society can be a truly healthy society, and that is why our most pressing need as a race is our own White living space. Our motto is: Stop the Hate, Separate.

Multiracialism is a failed experiment, and I ask that more White men and women of good will – who naturally understand this, too – join with us in our struggle for a future White homeland.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

News Source: Erich Gliebe

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