Friday, February 25, 2011

The failure to control the border has gotten more Americans killed

Two Whites Killed in Manassas by Illegal Alien

The failure to control the border has gotten more Americans killed

by Jeff Davis

A recent news article reports: “A Salvadoran man has been charged with three counts of murder in a series of shootings in a Virginia suburb of Washington, authorities said Friday. Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro, an illegal immigrant who was ordered deported to El Salvador a decade ago but who never left, was charged in the pair of attacks just blocks apart Thursday night that left three people dead and three others injured, Manassas Police Chief Doug Keen said.”

This guy was most likely an MS-13 gang member. The federal government failure to do its job at the border has allowed an unbelievably violent and vicious form of organized crime to invade the US from the Third World that makes Cosa Nostra and the Hell’s Angels look like choirboys.

The article goes on: “The neighborhood has experienced a fair amount of crime and gang activity, but Keen said the killings were not gang-related and Reyes Alfaro had a relationship of some sort with all the victims. Police are still investigating the exact nature of those relationships.”

I frankly don’t believe this. I would not be surprised if Mr. Alfaro is covered with gang tattoos, but the police chief or mayor is playing dumb and pretending that the Obama “open borders” policy has not cost the lives of American citizens…. again.

The article continues “Keen said 56-year-old Brenda Ashcraft and 37-year-old William Ashcraft were killed in the first attack. A 34-year-old woman was injured and remains hospitalized, and a 15-year-old girl was treated and released. In the second attack, Keen said 48-year-old Julio Cesar Ulloa was killed, and a 77-year-old woman suffered head wounds from a large knife. The other victims were all shot.”

As with black crime, for every one of these incidents actually reported in the media involving illegals, we need to multiply it by at least a hundred for all those cases which are never reported, or in which the media are able successfully to conceal the racial angle. The death toll of Whites murdered by Blacks since de-Segregation is well over 50,000 and now we’ve got a new death toll adding up thanks to hyper-violent Latino drug gang killers.

Manassas was a small, pleasant White town, but now we’re importing crime all over America, all in the name of Diversity, which is a modern day idol that the Jewish media wants us all to worship.

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