Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rape As A Weapon In War

Rape As A Weapon In War

by Jim Ring
The raping of women in warfare is nearly as old as warfare itself. After the sacking of Rome 16 centuries ago St. Augustine called rape in wartime an "ancient and customary evil". Undisciplined soldiers have considered it one of the spoils of war. But there are also examples when rape has been used strategically to humiliate and terrorize in addition as expressions of hate.

Consider below the following modern examples of mass rape being deliberately employed in wartime and reflect upon the immensity of these crimes; especially the last one in the list.

2009 / The Congo insurrections; 15,000 rapes

1991-2002 / Sierra Leone civil war; over 50,000

1992-1995 / Bosnian war; 20,000

1994 / Rwandan war; 500,000

1971 / Indian army during Bangladesh war of secession; 200,000

1945 / "Red" army invasion of National Socialist Germany; close to 2,000,000 German women raped with the encouragement of the heavily Jewish power structure of the Soviet government & military.

These vile pieces of filth were our "gallant" Allies in this "Good War". Remember this the next time a remembrance comes around for our "Victory against evil".

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