Saturday, January 22, 2011

National Alliance Very Popular At Gun Shows

National Alliance Very Popular At Gun Shows

The local Sacramento chapter of the National Alliance put up a large display at a major gun show in Sacramento CA over the weekend of January 8 & 9. Hundreds of visitors stopped by over the two day period availing themselves to the free recruiting and informational materials being offered and to browse and procure if they liked from a large and eclectic assortment of books being offered by our book company, National Vanguard Books.

The Turner Diaries and our offering of White History Coloring Books were especially popular. Our Bring Our Troops Home and Put Them on the Mexican Border sticker was an extremely popular give away item and many visitors were invited to take extras along for their friends.

Some people, recognizing us, immediately made a bee line for our display to express their appreciation of our presence and support for our work. We encouraged these people to become involved and help support our outreach programs.

Staff members greeted and had friendly discussions with dozens and dozens of people during the course of the event. We expect at the very least that most of the approximately 300 or so visitors will be checking out our various web sites and tell their friends about us. Most likely we'll pick up some new customers for National Vanguard Books along with new members and supporters in addition.

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