Monday, January 24, 2011

Could the US be Affected by Food Shortages?

Could the US be Affected by Food Shortages?

by Jeff Davis

Do you think food shortages are a thing of the past? Don’t bet on it. A Breitbart news article reports: “In ‘World on the Edge’, Brown paints a grim picture of how a failed harvest could spark a grain shortage that would send food prices sky-rocketing, cause hunger to spread, governments to collapse and states to fail. Food riots would erupt in low-income countries and with confidence in the world grain market shattered, the global economy could start to unravel…”

This character, Brown is a liberal who wants everybody to eat nothing but veggies and return to the past, when the average height of a grown man was about five foot two and a woman under five feet, and everyone suffered from scurvy, rickets, and chronic malnutrition, and died in their late thirties.

Mandatory vegetarianism has long been an item on the leftist-liberal agenda, although it has taken second place in recent years to “universal health care” –read an incredible government power grab which gives the government power over who gets health care and how much of it.

It is true that there may well be a food shortage looming, but it has more to do with too many black, brown and yellow people on earth. There are seven billion Third World people and only 700 million Whites. We already supply much of the world with food, but we can’t keep up with the limitless growth of the non-White population.

Eventually, there will be food shortages in the Third World. There could be dust bowls and massive crop failures. We probably won’t starve in the US, but we may find shortages of some items and we will probably see $10 boxes of cereal. The Chinese won’t starve either because they have trillions of US dollars and they’ll use that money to compete with us in buying food from American farms.

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