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When There Are No Gentiles To Swindle.... and other news.

When There Are No Gentiles To Swindle....
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A lack of transparency, dubious real estate deals and now massive fraud -- the Jewish Claims Conference is no stranger to negative headlines. Now, the German government has stepped in to ensure that Holocaust victims get their due.

Merely being allowed into the headquarters of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (JCC) in New York is a fairly rare event. Being granted an audience on the 20th floor with a senior official like Gregory Schneider is even more seldom.

The JCC has always been very secretive. It has never even released figures on the number of staff members who work there. Such opaqueness is highly unusual for such a prominent organization which, since it was established in 1951, has disbursed billions of euros from Germany to Holocaust victims around the world.

But now the Claims Conference has been forced to become more open, at least for the time being. The organization has been shaken by a scandal -- a case of "perverse and pervasive fraud," as US Attorney Preet Bharara described it last week.,1518,729144,00.html

News Source: Robert H.

Another Thought Criminal Nabbed In Sweden
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Charges have been filed against the publisher of a website affiliated with a Swedish neo-Nazi magazine for allowing a reader comment with racial slurs to remain on the site.

The site is the online version of Nationellt Motstånd (‘National Resistance’), a quarterly print magazine put out by the Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska motståndsrörelsen), one of Sweden’s most active neo-Nazi groups.

The comment in question, entitled “Immigrants create racist roadblocks”, accompanies an article published in April 2010 about a highly publicized case in which a 78-year-old woman died from injuries sustained from being pushed by a 23-year-old man in a shopping centre parking lot in Landskrona in southern Sweden.

The 23-year-old came from a family of immigrants and his arrest led to heightened ethnic tensions in the town, prompting another right-wing extremist group, the National Democrats, to call a public meeting in the town square to “protest against anti-Swedishness”.

The article, published on April 15th, 2010, told of how star defence attorney Leif Silbersky was set to defend the 23-year-old in his upcoming trial.

News Source: Robert H.

Colorado Senator : Political Process A Rigged Game
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Colorado Democrat Senator Michael Bennet made the mistake of admitting what many of us already know – the political process in the district of criminals is a rigged game.

“It’s all rigged. The whole conversation is rigged,” said Bennet over an open C-Span mic during debate on the Food Safety Act. “The fact that we don’t get to a discussion before the break about what we’re going to do in the lame duck. It’s just rigged.”

Soon after Bennet made his comment, an aide realized the C-Span microphone was open and switched it off. Senate floor microphones are usually turned off during debate.

Bennet Chief of Staff Guy Cecil told The Daily Caller that the senator stands by his comments. “The whole process being rigged against having a real conversation about tax cuts, the estate tax and the defense authorization. We’re not having a lot of those conversations. It’s just a symptom of Washington being broken,” Cecil said outside the Senate chamber.

The political process is not broken. It is working exactly as the elite want. Taxes, defense authorization, and virtually every other political issue taken up by Congress is decided by the financial elite well before it is discussed on the Senate floor. Congress is a dog and pony show designed to make the plebs believe they live in a democracy where they actually have a say.

News Source: Jim Ring

Mainstream Media Mum On Another Jew Arrested For Ponzi Scheme
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles financial adviser charged with defrauding investors in a $228 million Ponzi scheme has been arrested in France.

The FBI says 60-year-old Bruce Fred Friedman, who fled the country before he was charged last month with mail and wire fraud, promised to invest in rental properties but instead diverted the money to himself, family and friends to pay for a lavish lifestyle.

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller says Friedman, who lives in suburban Sherman Oaks, was arrested on Sept. 13 utside his hotel in Cannes. She said Tuesday that extradition could take months.

The Los Angeles Times says the Securities and Exchange Commission shut down Friedman’s Diversified Lending Group last year and filed civil charges accusing him of operating a massive Ponzi scheme since 2004.

News Source: NAN

December 2, 2010

Globalism In Sweden
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Top Swedish IT companies are facilitating the disappearance of Swedish jobs by abusing work permits which allow them to bring skilled foreign workers into the country, a Swedish union has complained.

According to Swedish trade union Unionen, it's common for Ericsson and other IT companies to attract and train foreign workers in Sweden so they can perform similar tasks back in their home countries.

The practice will result in the disappearance of Swedish jobs, the union claimed.

The union alleges that two Ericsson departments are currently training a number of Indian workers. After the workers return to India, half of the employees in the departments in Sweden will lose their jobs when their positions are outsourced to India.

"To a certain extent, the foreign workers are used for that purpose," Tomas Svartling, collective wage agreement ombudsman for the IT industry at Unionen, told the TT news agency.

The permits are issued under 2008 reforms to Swedish laws governing labour migration which give companies more leeway in decisions about the issuance of Swedish work permits.

News Source: Robert H.

Congressman Details How The DREAM Act Doubles As Amnesty
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Defeating the so-called DREAM Act must be a top priority before it provides an uncontrollable citizenship path to thousands of illegal immigrants, says Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King.

On the surface, the act would provide a road to citizenship for students who are illegal immigrants. But the Iowa Republican also noted that it would allow students to sponsor their extended families on that path.

“We calculated that a single individual could bring in 357 people on a family reunification plan before we ran out of room on our spreadsheet,” King says.

Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may be able to push the act through the lame-duck session of Congress, King tells Newsmax.TV. But Republicans should be able to use the filibuster to kill it in the Senate, he says.

“This is an out-of-control immigration path,” King says. “We need to fence that in and limit it to direct family members.”

King also intends to introduce a bill next year making clear that babies born to illegal mothers in the United States aren’t American citizens because they aren’t subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

The most important issue after tax cuts is repealing Obamacare, he says. “There should be a [repeal] bill. We would bring it up and pass it several times a year to remind Americans where the votes are,” even though the bill would likely die in the Senate.

“So we must shut off funding in every appropriations bill that could be used to implement or enforce Obamacare,” King says. “Then in 2012 we need to elect a president whose first order of agenda is to sign a repeal of Obamacare.”

News Source: Jim Ring

When Mistakes Become A Capital Offense
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Football bosses have caused outrage after they printed a special Remembrance Day programme featuring a picture - of Nazi troops.

Airdrie United thought their match day magazine doubled as a fitting poppy tribute for their game against Livingstone on Saturday.

But the front cover actually showed grinning German troops on a train during World War Two being handed water by a nurse.

On the photo are the words: 'Lest We Forget' plus a PoppyScotland logo and the slogan: 'Supporting Our Heroes'.

Shocked supporters have now called for those responsible for the blunder to be sacked while rival fans have mocked the mistake.

The club said that it searched through dozens of different war time photographs of soldiers on a train after Network Rail sponsored the SPL match.

News Source: nasacunit

Descendants Of Lost Legion Of Roman Soldiers Found In China
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Tests found that the DNA of some villagers in Liqian, on the fringes of the Gobi Desert in north-western China, was 56 per cent Caucasian in origin.

Many of the villagers have blue or green eyes, long noses and even fair hair, prompting speculation that they have European blood.

A local man, Cai Junnian, is nicknamed by his friends and relatives Cai Luoma, or Cai the Roman, and is one of many villagers convinced that he is descended from the lost legion.

Archeologists plan to conduct digs in the region, along the ancient Silk Route, to search for remains of forts or other structures built by the fabled army.

"We hope to prove the legend by digging and discovering more evidence of China's early contacts with the Roman Empire," Yuan Honggeng, the head of a newly-established Italian Studies Centre at Lanzhou University in Gansu province, told the China Daily newspaper.

The genetic tests have leant weight to the theory that Roman legionaries settled in the area in the first century BC after fleeing a disastrous battle.

The clash took place in 53BC between an army led by Marcus Crassus, a Roman general, and a larger force of Parthians, from what is now Iran, bringing to an abrupt halt the Roman Empire's eastwards expansion.

Thousands of Romans were slaughtered and Crassus himself was beheaded, but some legionaries were said to have escaped the fighting and marched east to elude the enemy.

News Source: Jim Ring

December 1, 2010

Third World Invasion Causing A Different Kind Of Housing Crisis In The UK
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More than two million new homes will have to be built over the next 25 years to cope with immigration, official figures disclosed yesterday.

They showed that room will have to be found to provide homes for 83,000 migrant families a year if the influx continues at the current rate.

More than a third of all the new houses and flats made available between now and the mid-2030s will be needed for individuals and families coming to Britain from abroad, the analysis said.

At least 600,000 of these will have to be in the most overcrowded parts of the country, London and the South-East.

The demand for homes to house migrants is a key reason for the need to build, the Communities Department said. ‘Population growth is the main driver of household growth, accounting for nearly three-quarters of the increase in households between 2008 and 2033,’ said a spokesman.

Around two-thirds of population growth is directly brought about by immigration. Immigration pressure groups accused officials of trying to underplay the effect of the flow of people into the country on new housebuilding.

News Source: nasacunit

When Your 'Chosen' There Is No Protest Of Border Enforcement
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JERUSALEM – Israel's Cabinet voted Sunday to erect a massive detention facility to hold thousands of Africans who have slipped illegally through the porous southern border with Egypt, heating up a debate over how to handle their mounting numbers.

Critics accuse Israel of trying to turn away bona fide refugees and predicted the facility, which will be designed to hold up to 10,000 detainees, would become a squalid refugee camp. The Cabinet minister in charge of prisons said correctional authorities were ill-equipped to run the facility.

But other officials said authorities cannot let thousands of economic migrants enter illegally each year, take jobs from Israelis and dilute the country's Jewish character.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet before the vote that the proposed center is part of a multi-pronged approach that will include construction of a barrier along thinly patrolled areas of the 130-mile (220-kilometer) Israeli-Egyptian border, which began last week, and heavy fines on people who employ illegal workers. The barrier is also designed to keep out militants.

"We have to stop this growing influx that threatens Israelis' jobs and changes the character of the state," said Netanyahu, who later visited the border area where the fence is being constructed.

Refugees would not be turned away. And the center, where the migrants would be housed, fed and receive medical care, would be a "humanitarian solution" for dealing with them until they are repatriated or sent to a third country, he said. The facility is to be completed in six months.

News Source: Jim Ring

Historian : Columbus Was The Son Of A Polish King
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A Portuguese historian believes he has solved the 500 year-old mystery of the adventurer's true identity after a thorough investigation of medieval documents and chronicles.

The origins of the man who discovered the Americas has long been a subject of speculation.

Contemporary accounts named his birth place as the Italian port of Genoa to a family of wool weavers but over the centuries it has been claimed that he was a native of Greece, Spain, France, Portugal and even Scotland.

Others claimed his origins were hidden because he was Jewish or secretly working as a double agent for the Portuguese royal family.

But the latest theory suggests that the great navigator, who died in 1506 after four voyages to the New World, was in fact of royal blood: the son of King Vladislav III who was supposedly slain in the Battle of Varna in 1444.

In his third book on the subject Manuel Rosa, who has spent 20 years researching the life of Columbus, suggests that Vladislav III survived the battle with the Ottomans, fled to live in exile on the island of Madeira where he was known as "Henry the German" and married a Portuguese noblewoman.

Mr Rosa believes a conspiracy was agreed to hide Columbus' true origins and to protect the identity of his father. "The courts of Europe knew who he was and kept his secret for their own reasons," the researcher at Duke University, North Carolina said.

News Source: Jim Ring

Swiss Back Nationalist Party And Their Efforts To Deport Criminal Foreigners
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Swiss voters today approved a plan for automatic deportation of foreigners who commit serious crimes or benefit fraud, in what was a significant victory for the nationalist party that pushed the proposal against the will of the government.

Some 52.9% of voters backed the proposal from the nationalist Swiss People's party (SVP). It was opposed by 47.1% of voters. A government-backed counterproposal failed – it would have required a case-by-case review by a judge before an individual was deported.

"I'm totally for it," said Emma Link, 86, after voting in Geneva. She blamed foreigners for what she said was rising crime, adding that she had recently been robbed on her way home from a nearby shop.

The SVP plan drew fire before today's referendum from legal experts who said it could breach offenders' human rights. Marcelo Kohen, a professor of international law at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, said people who had lived all their life in Switzerland, married Swiss citizens and had children but never obtained Swiss passports, would be unusually hard hit by expulsion.

Under Switzerland's political system, any group wanting to change the law can collect 100,000 signatures to force a referendum. Last year the country drew international condemnation after voters defied a government recommendation by approving a law to ban the construction of minarets.

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